Q: I've read a lot of stories about applications installing malware/viruses on phones. How do I know this game is safe for my phone?

A: Don't take our word for it. Check for yourself. You can do so before you even download the game from the Android Market. If you've downloaded the game already, you can still check by going to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Ocean Defense. Ocean Defense uses the following permissions:

1. System tools - to stop your phone from sleeping during the game.
2. Hardware control - for use of the vibrator.
3. Network communication - just for the market license check (only required by the FULL version).

It does not request or require full internet access, your personal data, phone calls, storage, your personal information or anything else that may be misused. We intentionally kept these permissions to an absolute minimum.

Q: What's the green/red circle that appears when I select a turret?

A: It shows you the hit range of the turret in order to help you place it. A red circle means you can't place it on that location. A location can be invalid for a number of reasons, e.g. too close to the enemy path, too close to another turret, etc. A green circle means this is a valid location. The green circle will keep getting bigger as you upgrade your turret and it's hit range increases.

Q: What's with the bronze/silver/gold stars in the Select Level screen?

A: The stars show you how well you did at a particular level. There are 4 of them in total. The one with a question mark in the middle of it indicates that you haven't actually completed that level yet. A gold star means you completed the level without losing any life. A silver star means you completed the level with more than half of the original life. Finally, a bronze star indicates that you completed the level with less than or equal to half of the original life.